Sona Speech Therapy

The Sona Speech is a state-of-the-art hardware that provides data acquisition and playback of the patient’s voice. It uses fun interactive games on a computer that is controlled by his/her voice, providing fun visual and auditory feedback. The speech therapist customizes settings based on patient’s abilities for each game. The patient then moves to different levels of the games depending on his/her ability to control their pitch, volume or onset of voicing.

Sona Speech provides a variety of assessment and treatment methods providing graphic and quantitative reports that can be used for objective outcome measures.

Sona Speech Therapy can be used during speech therapy to treat a variety of speech dysfunctions:

Voice Disorders
Motor Speech Disorders
Voice Typing
Fluency and Breath Dysfunction
Articulation Dysfunction
Hearing-Impaired Speech​

If you believe your child may need help in this area, consult your physician and contact us at (321) 255-6627 to schedule an evaluation with one of our speech-language pathologists.